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The club in Switzerland

The association Tana Education was launched in June 2016. Jeremiah Omara, the initiator and president of the association, grew up where the association supports, in the Tana River region of Kenya. 

The board

Corinne von Muralt works as a project manager in a communications agency. She was in Mikameni in 1999 for family reasons and has been following the activities of the association ever since. She supports Tana Education mainly in the area of communication.

Andrea Vifian works as a customer advisor at an insurance broker and is supporting Tana Education in the area of finance.

Yvonne Omara works for the canton of Bern as head of the ID card center in Bern. Since it was founded, she has been committed to the concerns of the association in the areas of coordination and administration.

The association is supported on a voluntary basis by Stefan Schläppi, who does the audit every year.

The NGOs in Kenya

In July 2021, Tana Education was registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya.


The NGO Board in Kenya is composed of the following directors (from left to right): 

- Jeremiah Omara

- Mary Andrew Bada
-Valentine Pasca Jerotich

- Leondard Rhwova Buya

- Nancy Habona Bisiko 

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