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On January 8, 1971, Jeremiah was born in Mombasa, the 11th of 12 children

Jeremiah begins 1st grade (three years) in Mikameni Primary School. 

Since there was no money for school supplies, he and his classmates had to write their homework on the ground in the sand.

Jeremiah enters the 2nd grade of primary school in Mikameni. 

At that time, the children had received pencils and notebooks for the first time. Some of the school supplies had to be paid for by the family and some were provided by the government.


Jeremiah starts secondary school in Hola. This was a boarding school and lasts four years. 

He was only able to attend classes very irregularly, since the school fees to be paid by his family were often lacking or had to be spent on food.

The longest period of school attendance without interruption was 1.5 months!

Occasionally, when Jeremiah was sent home by the school administration, he would hide during the day and his friends would secretly bring him homework to complete after school. Late at night he snuck into the dormitory of the boarding school and in the morning before the control he was usually able to sneak out again in time. However, if he was caught, he had to return to the village and wait until someone had tuition available and he could go back to school. Then he had to catch up on all the missed school material.

1990 - today

Despite all the adversities, Jeremiah was able to successfully complete secondary school with the national exam.

This was followed by various jobs in Kenya before he came to Switzerland in 1996 and married in 1999.

He then completed his cooking training, a little later that of a diet cook and later his training as a chef with a federal certificate of competence.

In April 2018 he received his diplomafederally qualified chef.

Jeremiah is grateful that he was given the opportunity to continue his education. It is therefore important to him to give something back to his home community and to support the children there - so that they can get an education and learn a trade.


Jeremiahs Testimonial

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