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Tana Education works on three main areas, with different projects.

  1. projects around Mvina Primary Schoolwith the aim of guaranteeing the children and young people in the Mwina area an education of an appropriate quality.

  2. projects in the field ofschool gardenwith the aim of establishing a school that can improve the food security of its students.

  3. Individual support with school fees for secondary school for particularly disadvantaged children and young people and children with disabilities.

Find out more about the ongoing projects here.

Events & activities

Tana Education is always happy to invite to fundraising events with fine food and space for questions and exchange. 

On th recurringproject trips the exchange with local stakeholders is maintained, new projects are initiated and the progress of ongoing projects is checked.

Once a year the General Assembly where the annual accounts and the budget for the coming years are presented.

The board of the NGO Tana Education Kenya makes regular School visits and workshops on site.

Find out here about the events and activities of Tana Education since it was founded in 2016.

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