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school garden

honey for tuition

Tana Education provided 22 beehives for the school and enabled a local employee to attend a beekeeping course. The honey obtained is sold and can finance various expenses incurred by the school. The local population has now built beehives themselves with their own funds and produces honey that they can sell. Thanks to these proceeds, various families have been able to earn the school fees for their children's secondary school.

food security:

Based on the model of beehives, Tana Education would like to create a model garden for the school. In the garden, the local population should be given an understanding of various agricultural practices and thus serve as an information center for local farmers. So far, the biggest challenge in this area has been the water, which the children had to fetch in canisters.

It doesn't work without water: wells

Garden, trees and people need water. That's why Jeremiah, also from private initiative and financing, made the start and had a well drilled. A hole about 9 meters deep was drilled by hand. In order for the well to be able to operate, it needs a solar pump to pump up the water and an attachment to prevent the hole from silting up. A tank must be procured so that the water can be collected and distributed.

We ask for your help in financing this project, the following amounts are still outstanding:

  • Solar pump: CHF 1300 This will pump the water to the surface.

  • Securing the well: CHF 700 This stabilizes the borehole.

  • Tank : CHF 1000 This will collect the water and distribute it evenly

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