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Save the date!


We are planning another dinner with fine food and space for exchange and questions.

 Details to follow soon.

During the project trip in August, three projects in the field of school gardens and thus ultimately on the subject of food security were initiated:

1. In order to create a model garden for the school, a well is needed so that the vegetables can be watered. That's why Jeremiah made a start on private initiative and financing and had a well drilled. A nine meter deep hole was drilled by hand. In order for the well to be able to operate, it needs a solar pump that pumps up the water and an attachment to prevent the hole from silting up. A tank must be procured so that the water can be collected and distributed. 

solar pump:

CHF 1300: This is used to pump the water to the surface.

Fastening fountain:

CHF 700: This will stabilize the borehole.

Tank : CHF 1000: This will collect the water and distribute it evenly

The water is pumped to the surface with the rented pump.

2.  As part of a workshop, Jeremiah cooked with local women and talked about sustainability and biodiversity. It was about rediscovering old varieties that are often more resistant to climate change and incorporating them into the menu. This is an important step against hunger. 

3. A major government project supports schools that plant trees. This is an action against climate change. On his trip, Jeremiah used the opportunity and the good contact with the headmaster to bring seedlings to Mikameni. Together with the school, 150 trees were planted in one day. Each child was given responsibility for a tree. It is now a matter of watering the plants and protecting them from the goats. Here, too, the school management and the teachers play a key role. If you would like to specifically support this project in the future, you are welcome to note this in your donation. We assume that it costs CHF 400 per year to plant fifty trees and keep them alive.

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