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Mvina Primary School

Tana Education finances the salaries of four additional teachers. At the school, 6 state teachers teach about 300 children. The four additional teachers have a significant impact on the quality of teaching at the school.

If you don't wear a uniform, you're not allowed to go to a state school. A circumstance that makes it impossible for many children to go to school. Tana Education has twice provided uniforms for children whose parents cannot afford uniforms. 

Many teenage girls miss school for several days each month during their menstrual cycle due to a lack of hygiene products. Tana Education fills the gap here and provides the hygiene items. In addition, educational work is also carried out in the area of teenage pregnancy and abuse.

Since most of the children at the school do not have a birth certificate, they are not registered as students. Accordingly, the government provides too little school material. Tana Education helps out with school supplies and furniture. In addition, the economic situation of the parents should be improved with projects in the other focal points so that obtaining a birth certificate is no longer impossible.

Tana Evaluation works with the local government representative on education. Since receiving funding for transportation, he has been able to visit school more often and regularly (before he walked long distances). He monitors compliance with the curriculum and guides the teachers. Since the cooperation, the children have significantly better results in the exams.

To get to the next school level, you have to take a national exam in Kenya. So a child in a privileged private school writes the same exam as the children who go to Mwina Primary School. Tana Education buys practice exams for the school every year so that the children can prepare better. This help has also massively improved the services.

Climate change is a reality for the people of the Tana River that has a direct impact on their diet. During periods of famine due to floods and drought, Tana Education has helped out with food deliveries to the school, as an empty stomach cannot study.

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