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As a member you support  Tana Education continuously.

  • The membership fee is CHF 100 per year and person.

  • You will receive current information in the form of newsletters and an invitation to the general meeting.

  • Please use this to registercontact form.

With a donation you may help Tana Education in its various tasks.

  • Donation amount freely selectable.

  • Donations can be claimed for tax purposes (donation receipt).

  • Transfer options:

    • IBAN: CH37 0630 0503 8152 8190 4 - Tana Education Association, Schwabstrasse 51, 3018 Bern

    • QR code for e-banking: 

We assure you that your support will be used for a specific purpose. The Board of our association in Kenya ensures this.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can find frequently asked questions and answers here

CHF 300

School fees for one child per year

Donation Jar
CHF 100

monthly salary of a teacher

Teacher writes a formula on a blackboard
CHF 10

School uniform for a needy child

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