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Individual support

If you are interested in sponsoring a secondary school child or a child with disabilities, please contact us, you will change a life in the long term. The children are visited by Tana Education at their school and regular telephone calls are made to keep abreast of their well being and progress. 

For particularly high-performing children from disadvantaged families, Tana Education pays the school fees for the secondary school. The young people spend the four years of secondary school in the boarding school. The school fees, uniform, teaching materials and a small pocket money for soap and hygiene products amount to approx. CHF 500.00 per year. If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact us. Tana Education has so far been able to cover the costs for secondary school for 5 children. 

Tana Education unterstützt 3 Kinder mit einer Beeinträchtigung in speziellen Einrichtungen in Hola. Das Schulgeld pro Jahr beläuft sich auf CHF 300.00 pro Jahr. 

Den Sonderschulen fehlt es an allem um die Kinder adäquat betreuen zu können. Tana Education hat Moskitonetze und Bettwäsche für die ganze Schule gespendet, da die Kinder auf Plastikbezügen schlafen mussten. 

Private donors pay the tuition fees for a medical degree for a young woman from Mwina. She graduated from high school at the top of her class in her district, but is an orphan. Thanks to generous donors, she is now halfway through her studies. 

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