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Our vision

We are convinced that education is an important key to success and an independent life. That is why the Mwina Primary School is the focus of our work.

We are committed to ensuring that the children and young people in the Mwina region, Tana River District in Kenya, have access to education of an appropriate quality and thus have the prospect of a life of self-determination and dignity. The goal is to establish a school in the region that supports the nutrition of the pupils with a productive school garden and acts as a center for imparting knowledge in the field of food cultivation. In this way, it should make a relevant contribution to the economic independence of the affected families and the development of the region. 

The school buildings of the Mwina Primary School

our purpose

The Tana Education association, founded in 2016, pursues exclusively charitable purposes.

School education is being promoted in the Tana River region of Kenya by means of donations. Specifically, by hiring teachers, direct support for the school and needy children. 

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