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The Mwina Primary School

employed teachers

Four teachers work for the Tana Education Association at Mwina Primary School.

The monthly wages of KSH 10'500 per teacher are transferred to the local school administration by the Tana Education association.

Help cover these recurring costs with a membership or a donation - thank you!

General information

Around 300 students in 8 classes are currently attending the "Mwina Primary School", which is supported by Tana Education.

Of the 300 students, 70% are orphans or have parents who cannot meet their responsibilities (poverty, illness, teenage pregnancy, etc.).

The school buildings are dilapidated and without electricity. Tana Education supports with furniture (desks and chairs).

school records

With KSH 1'500 per month, the school material required can be made available to each pupil.

In principle, the government provides the necessary school materials. 

The school materials provided by the government for Mwina Primary School are minimal for various reasons.

meals at school

It is our goal to establish a garden that can provide the students with a daily meal.  Land was made available for cultivation by the village community. Tana Education has hired a gardener. Various small projects in the field of agriculture are being implemented on an ongoing basis.

In crisis situations, Tana Education makes it possible to buy food that is given to the children and their families through the school.

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