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How can I become active?

You can support Tana Education and thus the children in Mikameni by

- becoming a member of the assciation in Switzerland: For CHF 100 per year

- Donate: with a freely selectable amount either in KSH or CHF

In any case, we are grateful to you. If you have any questions please contact us -contact form.

Who is behind the organization?

The non-profit association Tana Education is properly established and entered in the Swiss commercial register (CHE-291.738.336). In Kenya we are registered as an NGO.

The board works exclusively on a voluntary basis.

For more information see here.

Where is Mikameni village located?

The village of Mikameni is south of Bubesa and north of Garsen.

Google coordinates: -2.061547, 40.175636

Where is the Tana River region?

Tana River County is a province in south-east Kenya.

The capital is Hola.

Around 240,000 people live in the province

of 35,000 km2 (Switzerland: 41,000 km2).

See Wikipedia informationhere.

Can I deduct the donation / membership fee from tax?

Donate: You can deduct your donations from taxes in Switzerland - the association Tana Education is registered accordingly.

Membership: Unfortunately no, as with all memberships, these cannot be deducted.

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